Microsoft SharePoint – Explore The Future of Teamwork

Boosting Collaboration and Efficiency with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint – Explore The Future of Teamwork

Microsoft owns hundreds of independent programs, and dozens are so popular among users that even doing without them has become a fantasy. One of these programs may be Microsoft Sharepoint, as although it is moderately famous, many people do not know about this service. I had no idea about the service until months ago when I had to use it for a specific purpose.

In this quick article, we'll help you understand the Microsoft Sharepoint platform, its purpose and uses, when to rely on it, and whether it's really for everyone or only in exceptional cases.

Explore The Future of Teamwork

Boosting Collaboration and Efficiency with Microsoft SharePoint

What is Microsoft Sharepoint

The explanation and definition of the Sharepoint service is based mainly on the name itself (Sharepoint), which is divided into two parts (Share and Point) and can be translated as (Share Point). This suggests to us the scope of the service's work and application.

The Sharepoint service is a collaborative work platform between people who can share a workspace. In the workspace, files, data, documents, and texts can be stored, communications, correspondence, and chat operations can be made, and contact with all participants can be made, creating a unified repository that includes all documents, files, content management systems, and even development and programming technologies in one place for everyone involved in the project to access and use.

What is Microsoft Sharepoint

It's like the Git project management system, but Sharepoint allows you to share and edit files live with others—even documents in Sharepoint work similarly. Working on a specific document can include different versions, and you can return to any version you want, just like Git.

Microsoft has developed the service significantly in recent updates, and creating a repository has become like managing an operating system within the service. You can specify tasks and files that can be worked on, write notes, assign tasks to users, manage users (add, delete, give permissions…), and provide general information within the platform: time and date weather conditions…

Microsoft Sharepoint is available on computers, Microsoft digital services (Microsoft 365), and smartphones (Android and iOS).

Boosting Collaboration and Efficiency with Microsoft SharePoint

Pros of Using Microsoft Sharepoint

Boosting Collaboration and Efficiency with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint has many advantages, including:

  • Full compatibility with various operating systems and devices: When we talk about a single platform for collaborative work, it must be available to everyone, regardless of their operating systems. The service is available on Mobi (Android and iOS), Windows and MacOS, and server systems (Windows Server). Linux does not support it, and the reason is evident!
  • Compatibility with Microsoft 365 service: For years, Microsoft has been trying to make the Microsoft 365 platform a single platform for all its digital services (mail management, Word and Excel file management, and it has even added services such as ToDo and Loop). Sharepoint is compatible with Microsoft 365 users.
  • File and repository management: It is a platform for collaborative work, which exposes it to a lot of randomness, which Microsoft could control through a set of user permissions management features.
  • Compatible with Microsoft services and applications: the most important is Google OneDrive for cloud storage and document management software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint…)
  • Compatibility with non-Microsoft services: Microsoft doesn't want you to make the platform governed by its services. So, it's compatible with services like Google Drive or DropBox for file management.

The advantages of Microsoft Sharepoint cannot be defined at some points, as over time, you discover something new every time, making it one of the best services for managing files and tasks.

Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives

I do not expect you to move to another service using Microsoft Sharepoint because the latter is comprehensive. But to always give you competing options, these are practical alternatives to Microsoft Sharepoint:

Slack Platform

It is considered the number one alternative and is relied upon by other companies that do not rely on Sharepoint. Slack does not outperform Sharepoint by much. Perhaps its best features are dividing chats and creating work rooms, which is somewhat lacking in the Sharepoint service.

Google Workspace

Google is trying to create a service similar to Sharepoint through Workspace by including services such as Google Docs, Sheets, and the communication service Gmail, and providing a place and a work unit in one place.

Huddle Platform

It is a service for sharing files and content with others. Although it is a separate service, you can embed it within platforms like Slack.

These are the best alternatives you can go with if you don't want to try Microsoft Sharepoint.

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Microsoft SharePoint – Explore The Future of Teamwork

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Summary About SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint – Explore The Future of Teamwork

In conclusion, Microsoft SharePoint is a highly effective platform enabling organizations to manage their content efficiently, streamline their workflows, and collaborate more effectively. With its wide range of features and capabilities, SharePoint provides businesses with a powerful tool to boost their productivity and achieve their goals. From document management to team collaboration, SharePoint offers a comprehensive solution for organizations of all sizes. SharePoint is worth considering if you're looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to improve your organization's productivity.

We hope this simple explanation about Sharepoint has brought you closer to this service and its most prominent features.


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