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The Best Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools (Updated List)

Top Generative AI Tools: Boost Your Creativity in 2024

The Best Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools (Updated List)

We cannot currently ignore artificial intelligence and its power. It has become part of our daily lives. Today, AI is not just ChatGPT and other competing services like Copilot or Bard. Daily, dozens of artificial intelligence services are created with different goals. What is the best one for you?

We thought of a good solution for you: monthly nominations for a range of powerful AI services you can use, explaining how you can benefit from them in the future. Shall we start?

What Are Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools?

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are AI systems designed to produce content. This content can range from text and images to music, video, and code. These tools leverage deep learning models, particularly generative models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and transformer-based architectures, to generate new data that resembles the training data they were fed.

The Best Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools

Top Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools (Updated List): Boost Your Creativity in 2024

Beautiful AI

Create Presentations Using AI

Beautiful AI - Create Presentations Using AI
Beautiful AI – Create Presentations Using AI

Microsoft's PowerPoint has long been the dominant service for creating presentations. The Microsoft 365 service, which includes PowerPoint, has acquired some artificial intelligence services, but Beautiful AI remains an ideal solution for making presentations easier through artificial intelligence.

The service offers a group of ready-to-use templates, and you can switch between them or create your own template if you do not find something that fills your eyes. Create each slide individually using a set of smart commands or ready-made side tools (such as adding text, an analytical statement, images, and videos…) while providing ready-made animation and effects. You can also invite your friends to join and work on the project.

Beautiful AI is not completely free and has paid plans. But you can try the service for free and create some presentations through it.


AI-Powered Communication Tool

ChatMentor - AI-Powered Communication Tool
ChatMentor – AI-Powered Communication Tool

You mostly use ChatGPT or competing services to talk to and interact with it and perform tasks for you (such as writing, analyzing, and summarizing texts).

AI ChatMentor offers the same, is not unlike ChatGPT, and is even built on it. The only difference is that it comes with ready-made interactive commands or prompts. What you don't know is that the command you type in ChatGPT, for example, greatly affects the results you get. For this, you must write professional prompts that can be obtained via a Google search. But AI ChatMentor delivers it directly from within the app (AI ChatMentor is only available on iOS currently)

Pic Copilot

Upgrade Your Product Display

Pic Copilot - Upgrade Your Product Display
Pic Copilot – Upgrade Your Product Display

Do you have an online store? To better promote your products, you must take high-quality photos that highlight the quality and strength of the product, as is the case with famous products that appear in advertisements. You don't need tools, a camera, and a high-quality photography studio to achieve this; use Pic Copilot.

Pic Copilot is a service that allows you to upload ordinary photos and convert them into advertising images for these products, quickly making them look like advertising images. Converting ordinary images into advertising images can be useful for everyone active in the field of e-commerce.

Creatify AI

Create Video Ads Quickly With AI

Creatify AI - Create Video Ads Quickly with AI
Creatify AI – Create Video Ads Quickly with AI

Not far from the field of advertising, we also recommend the Creatify service to you. The service aims to create short videos, such as Reels or TikTok, but advertise various products. Insert the product link from long videos (on YouTube, for example) and share it on the service. Choose one of the famous and popular video templates on social media networks and modify it to obtain a good result.

Creatify is a paid service, but you can get an initial video for free and benefit from it long-term. You can transfer to a new account whenever you need an advertising video on the platform.


Summarize Videos and Podcasts

TubeOnAI - Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools
TubeOnAI – Summarize Videos and Podcasts

For those obsessed with YouTube videos and Podcast episodes, this tool may be an ideal solution to save time and, at the same time, get the juice of the video. The TubeOneAI service takes videos or other podcast sources and summarizes them all for you in less than 30 seconds. The service supports videos of up to 5 hours, all of which can be summarized in a few minutes. The tool relies on extracting the essence of the video and the main points in the video or content and then displaying it to the user.

TubOneAI has a free account that allows you to use it freely in many ways while supporting services like YouTube. It's also available on iOS, Android, and web apps.


One-stop Platform for Students

StudyX.AI - Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools
StudyX.AI – One-stop Platform for Students

Among the people who have benefited from the artificial intelligence revolution are students, as it has helped them greatly in summarizing and understanding their lessons and helping them in completing homework, with a collection of various tools that can be found here and there in different services. Therefore, the StudyX.AI platform combines all the tools in one place to prevent the student from getting lost among the many artificial intelligence services.

The StudyX.AI platform tries to be a single platform that provides various services: answering questions, creating articles, summarizing lessons, finding valid educational sources (documents, for example), solving mathematical problems, and much more… all in one place.

Amazon Code Whisperer

Write Code By Describing It

Amazon Code Whisperer - Write Code By Describing It
Amazon Code Whisperer – Write Code By Describing It

One of the first services that relied on artificial intelligence was the GitHub Copilot service, which helps developers and programmers create, edit, and obtain ready-made code. It initially gained some popularity, but after it became paid and other free alternatives became available (such as ChatGPT itself), its flame faded over time.

Amazon came to relight this flame through its dedicated service, Amazon Code Whisperer. A service capable of creating integrated software codes using only the description, with its ability to process, analyze, and upgrade your code to the best version of it.


A News Platform Powered By AI

Concise: A News Platform Powered By AI
Concise: A News Platform Powered By AI

Do you wake up in the morning and want to read the most important news of the day? You have many different sources for daily news, but they are all generated and written by other sources, and reading them may take a lot of time, right?

Concise is a service available on mobile, web, and even in your email that delivers quick headlines and summaries via artificial intelligence. The tool has many features, such as accessing news in a specific field (technology, politics, sports, etc.) and getting your daily summary. There is also a chat system to obtain news related to a topic. For example, if you type (Elon Musk), you will get all the popular news about him recently.


ChatGPT on your Mac and Menubar

MacGPT - ChatGPT on your Mac and Menubar
MacGPT – ChatGPT on your Mac and Menubar

It is a simple add-on and service simultaneously, but it has many benefits. As the name suggests, it is directed to MacOS users. The MacGPT plugin is a simple piece of software that adds a side menu to your system's interface. The menu is very simple, as it is like adding a widget in the form of a search box, through which you ask questions, inquiries, or requests and get their answers using artificial intelligence.

MacGPT aims to save time visiting ChatGPT, etc., as you get it directly through your system's interface. However, the MacGPT plugin is not free and costs around $19.


Enhance your Photos with AI

ClipDrop - Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools
ClipDrop – Enhance your Photos with AI

AI image generation is a popular service that is available across many platforms. But the ClipDrop platform offers additional services such as improving the quality of images, cutting them, creating them, shaping them to match special designs (such as portraits), removing blemishes, and more…

Bonus Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools

Unlock creativity with Bonus Generative AI Tools! From generating engaging content to inspiring new ideas.

SeoWriting AI

SeoWriting AI – Writing Tool for 1-Click SEO Articles

SeoWriting AI - Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools
Writing Tool for 1-Click SEO Articles

SeoWriting AI is an innovative tool that combines artificial intelligence and natural language processing to assist writers in crafting compelling, search-engine-optimized content. With its advanced algorithms, SeoWriting AI analyzes your text and provides valuable suggestions to enhance its quality, readability, and overall impact.

One of the standout features of SeoWriting AI is its ability to optimize your content for specific keywords and improve your search engine rankings. SeoWriting AI offers actionable recommendations to help you create content that resonates with readers and search engines by analyzing the keyword density, relevance, and placement within your content.

Ad Script Generator (from Originality AI)

Generate Engaging Marketing Videos with a Single Click - Ad Script Generator – Ad Script Generator

Originality Ad Script Generator is a tool or software that uses artificial intelligence to generate human-like text known as a script. This intelligence software uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create content, such as marketing campaigns, social media videos, video ads, YouTube videos, and even movies or skits. Artificial intelligence script generators can also be used to write scripts intended for books or novels.

FAQs about Generative AI Tools

The Best Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools (Updated List)

You'll discover some frequently asked questions about Generative AI Tools below.

What are generative artificial intelligence tools?

Generative AI tools are software applications that use machine learning algorithms, particularly generative models, to create new content. These tools can generate realistic images, text, music, and more based on the patterns and information they have learned during training.

Can generative AI tools be used for content creation?

Yes, generative AI tools are often used for content creation across various domains. They can generate articles, design graphics, compose music, and more. However, the quality of the generated content depends on the training data and the specific algorithms used.

Are there ethical considerations with generative AI tools?

Yes, ethical considerations arise when using generative AI tools. These tools can inadvertently generate biased or inappropriate content based on the biases present in their training data. It's crucial to be aware of these issues and implement measures to mitigate biases and ensure responsible use.

What industries can benefit from generative AI tools?

Generative AI tools have applications in various industries, including entertainment, design, healthcare, and finance. They can automate content creation, aid in simulation and training scenarios, and assist in data analysis.

What is the future of generative artificial intelligence tools?

The future of generative AI tools is likely to involve advancements in model architectures, improved training methodologies, and increased integration into various applications. Ethical considerations and responsible AI use will also significantly shape their development and adoption.

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The Best Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools (Updated List)

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Conclusion about Generative AI Tools

Generative AI tools have emerged as powerful and versatile tools, capable of producing diverse and creative content across various domains. Whether in natural language processing, image generation, or other applications, these tools have showcased remarkable capabilities in understanding and replicating patterns. Stay tuned for our upcoming monthly nominations for a set of robust AI services you can use in the future.


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